A whimsical piece I created for the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. The proceeds from the sale of this

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with David Savage building these chairs for one of his clients.

Exacting material and a mathematical form to follow can easily make for a stoic piece of furniture, correct yet somehow

Experience has taught me that touch is an important component of how an object is perceived. The curved ebony handle

I like the ellipse with its soft shape yet rigid geometry. I first got excited about this table while working

Home Entertainment components are often difficult to hide without the box effect. An arc was struck as the template for

Made for a downtown Manhattan apartment, this bed combines Italian influences with solid wood construction. This step away from modern

A modern clean minimal apartment needed a centerpiece for entertainment. My clients wanted a table and bench with the legs

The jewelry box I built for my mother. Such a small gift for the education she has helped me receive.

Another from the elliptical table series presented in a more western style. Sleek, highly unrefined, and more pettable than your

This is another of my elliptical tables, commissioned by a gentleman who was intrigued by the curves of the original

The couple that requested this piece wanted something functional and unique. We came up with a table that has plenty