To commission a piece of work for your home is an experience in itself. The process is a comfortable, relaxed time to explore your own creativity and needs and see what potential pieces of art we can bring to life.

We start by sitting down at your home or office, where we can discuss what you would like out of your space. It is the time to bounce ideas around, exploring how you would like to alter the look of the room. For some it is a dining set to fill a new space, for others it may be just a small curio to fit in a corner. It is a flexible process that changes with each client’s differing needs. In either case taking the time to speak with me about your needs is the best first step in creating your own irregular furniture.

By the end of our meeting, we should have a direction for the design process, as well as an idea for the price range within which I will be working. For the small fee of $500 I will return to my shop and begin detailing our ideas. Within a few weeks I will send two or three drawings with their pricing information for your perusal. If you choose to proceed with one of the designs, a deposit of half the total sum will be required.

The process of building a quality piece can take several months to complete. The amount of time it can take depends on the project size and the shop’s present demands. Around three weeks before completion we will call to arrange a date for delivery. At the time of installation the remaining sum is to be paid in full.